The First Page is Always the Hardest

What is UP?! It’s been too long guys. I realized today that the last time I posted was back in August, and that isn’t cool. I think i’ve updated my Facebook page more often than this website and I apologize for that. Today I bring you my latest drawing which I have entitled “The First Page”. It’s one of my more minimal drawings as it doesn’t take up a huge amount of page space, but it took awhile to draw because I used some new pens to draw it. It’s definitely my most colorful piece so far. Anywho, enough chit-chat, below is the drawing. Enjoy! And stay tuned for more!



Very very abstract timeline



















I can’t explain this one really. I let a lot of ideas flow out of my mind during this drawing and I think the name ended up being the most appropriate in the end.

The Swirl

An Abstract Swirl resembling a question mark





















This started off as an abstract question mark, but I don’t know if I can really call it that anymore. I call it the swirl but there is much more to it than that.

Four Elements

Full Page Abstract Drawing of Four Elements











One of the few “documented” full page drawings I have done. It used to be my goal to fill an entire page, but I found that sometimes a design doesn’t need a full page to be complete. This one is called Four Elements, and is probably incorrectly named so but I like it. There is a lot in this drawing and it took quite awhile to finish.

The Flower

An Abstract drawing of a flower.



















The second attempt I made at drawing a real object in abstract form. I had some trouble with this one because I drew it by mind instead of looking at a flower, so the actual bud is kind of messed up and I don’t know that the stem came out good.

The Guitar

A Red Guitar
















This is an image of a guitar that I drew sometime ago. I had the idea in my head to draw something real but in an abstract way, so I thought, “Why not a guitar?”. Now the difficult part is that I don’t own a guitar (a shame, I know) so I had to eyeball the actual shape of the guitar, and I am pretty sure I messed up. I would love to have been able to get it better, but when I got it close I decided to go with it.